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Museum of folk musical instruments named after Ykhlas

Museum of folk musical instruments named after Ykhlas

One of the unique museums of musical instruments is Museum of folk musical instruments named after Ykhlas in Almaty, it was opened in 1981, and in 1990 the museum was assigned the name of Ykhlas Dukenuly.

There are 9 halls representing the national musical instruments of the Kazakh people, as well as the musical culture of more than 50 countries of the world.

To provide museum visitors with complete information about each exhibit, the museum is equipped with 2 information media tables and projectors for video content. The media tables provide information about each exhibit; voice acting and musical compositions performed on a certain instrument are demonstrated through a video projector.

Also, all halls of the museum are equipped with special devices to provide background music. As a result, in the Introductory Hall, in the Hall of Wind and Percussion Musical Instruments, Memorial Musical Instruments and Kobyz, folk works performed on dombra, kobyz and sybyzgy are played as background music, in the Halls of Musical Instruments of the Peoples of the World, compositions performed on the instruments of those or other peoples, and the concert hall for 120 seats regularly hosts concerts of traditional music.

There are 9 rooms in the museum, presenting national musical instruments of Kazakh folk and culture of more than 50 world countries.


The famous composer, academician Akhmet Zhubanov said: “The centuries-old wisdom of ancestors is hidden in the strings of folk instruments”.

Many types of Kazakh musical instruments are found in folk poetry, notes by historians and ethnographers. On the basis of these materials, musicologist, collector of Kazakh national musical instruments and performer on them, teacher, candidate of art history Bolat Sarybaev classified musical instruments of the Kazakh people, they are divided into the following categories (here musical instruments are presented according to his classification):

  • Noisemaker musical instruments;
  • Percussion musical instruments;
  • Stringed musical instruments;
  • Wind musical instruments;
  • Reed musical instruments.

Musical instruments in the fund of the museum are located in accordance with the classification in separate halls. Full information — manufacturing techniques, methods of playing and purposes of use, you will learn in the following halls.

The next part of the introductory hall is musical archeology. Here are the types and copies of musical instruments found in archaeological excavations.

The objects of musical archeology are visual evidence of the depiction of the history, culture, traditions and customs of our people. Notes on the medieval heritage found in the vastness of the Kazakh steppe can be found in the works of academician A.Kh. Margulan, explorer-traveler A.G. Medoev, writer-scientist A. Seydimbek, archaeologists K. Akishev and Z. Samashev, and others. 


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The museum’s structure

Baurdzhan Dzhanibek Uzbekalievich

Director of the museum

  • 8 (727) 248-38-30
  • imeniykhlasa@mail.ru

Zhansaya Kozhakhan Nurkhankyzy

Head of the Science department

  • 8 (727) 248-40-71
  • imeniykhlasa@mail.ru

Balzhan Kenesbek Maratkyzy

Research worker

  • 8 (727) 248-40-71
  • imeniykhlasa@mail.ru

Raushan Sovetkhan Aibolkyzy

Research worker

  • 8 (727) 248-40-71
  • imeniykhlasa@mail.ru

Elenara Aidarkhanova Erikovna

Keeper of funds

  • 8 (727) 291-75-17
  • imeniykhlasa@mail.ru

For Visitors

Working Hours:

Tuesday - Sunday: Working hours are from 10:00 to 19:00
Monday: Closed for cleaning day

Price list:

Adults (Foreigners) – 1500 KZT
Adults (Citizen of Republic of Kazakhstan) - 1000 KZT
Students – 300 KZT
School pupils – FREE
Pensioners – 300 KZT
Guided Tour – 2000 KZT (Per group), tour in foreign (english) language – 3000 KZT

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+ 7 (727) 291-69-17
+ 7 (727) 248-40-71



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