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Memorial museum of N. Tlendiyev

Memorial museum of N. Tlendiyev

The precious support of Kazakh traditional music of XX century is a memorial museum of the great composer, the People’s Artist of the USSR and Kazakhstan, Laureate of the state prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Khalyk Kakharmany” Nurgisa Atabayevich Tlendiyev

About the museum

Nurgisa Tlendiyev is the famous kyuishi-composer, band director, dombrist of ХХ century. The composer made an unforgettable contribution to the national musical culture of Kazakh people, and also brought the national music to the high level of art of the whole world.

A building, where the memorial museum of N. Tlendiyev is situated, was built in 1979 by the special order of the notable state and public figure D. A. Kunayev and transferred to the Honored Science and Culture Workers of Kazakhstan.


The house-museum of Nurgisa Tlendiyev demonstrates the way of life of Kazakh intellectual class of 1980th years. There are 4 exposition rooms in the museum: entrance and living room, working room, kitchen and recreation room. There musical instruments in the museum which tell about private life and creation of N. Tlendiyev, which became the wealth of the whole nation, originals, books, photos, stick and concert clothing, etc.


Interesting facts

Nurgisa Tlendiyev was born in the family of musicians: his father was honored Kuishi, his mother song and played on accordion.

During the World War II Nurgisa could not sat out in the rear. Tender age of the musician did not allow him to be a soldier, then he tampered with the documents and reached Berlin!

Nurgisa Tlendiyev compose music for “My name is Kozha”, “Kyz-Zhibek”, “Alpamys goes to school” and for many other movies.

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The museum’s structure

Ernat Yskak Sembekuly

Director of the museum

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  • tlendiyev_museum@mail.ru

Sara Abenova Gabitkyzy


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Anel Ospanzhan Ernatkyzy


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Moldir Zikirbay Temirbekkyzy


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Erkin Kudaibergen


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For Visitors

Working Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00-19.00
Monday – cleaning day

Price list:

Adults (Foreigners) – 1500 KZT
Adults (Citizen of Republic of Kazakhstan) - 1000 KZT
Students – 300 KZT
School pupils – FREE
Pensioners – 300 KZT
Guided Tour – 2000 KZT (Per group), tour in foreign (english) language – 3000 KZT

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