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Museum Complex of Raiymbek batyr

Museum Complex of Raiymbek batyr

A marble monument was installed in 1981 on the grave of the legendary visionist, holy man, splendid military leader, bogatyr Raiymbek Tukeuly. In 2018 this place became the property of the state and was renamed as Museum complex of Raiymbek batyr.

About the museum

Daily proceedings on the position formation require analysis of new offers of us. A new model of the organizational activity requires an analysis of the further areas of development of us.


Interesting facts

  • Raiymbek was wounded about 77 times and conquered hundreds of enemies during military activities on liberation of the present Almaty area.
  • Raiymbek was worthy of the nation-wide reputation and respect of comrades for bravery, courage and talent of military leader and diplomat. He was called as holly man yet while alive.

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The Museum’s structure

Busbayev Kaisar Galymjanuly

Director of the museum

  • 8 778 671 29 89
  • raiymbek_museum@mail.ru

For visitors

Working Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00-19.00
Monday – cleaning day



Contact Us:

8 778 671 29 89



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