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Multimedia Center of Traditional Music

Multimedia Center of Traditional Music

Multimedia center of traditional music was opened on 18 September in 2016 аt the request of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 1000th anniversary of the city of Almaty.

The museum has two halls, first one is consists of unique memorial instruments of prominent figures of Kazakh art. Also in the center of this hall located 3D hologram where you can hear popular songs and zhyr, forge performed by famous young representatives of four regions. The second one is called multimedia hall where a video presentation about the emergence and development of kazakh music also a culture, traditions and way of life of the Kazakh people.

Kazakh traditional music distributed in all regions of Kazakhstan. Due to the regional characteristics of Kazakh traditional music, singing and poetry, they are divided into schools and form a rich spiritual musical heritage of the Kazakh people. The exhibits are classified in four regional schools. This: 

1. Traditional musical school of Zhetysu. 

2. Traditional music school of Southern Kazakhstan and Syrdarya 

3. Traditional music school of Western Kazakhstan. 

4. Traditional musical school of Arka.

The goal of the center's opening is to promote the rich and high Kazakh traditional musical art to the future generation, to satisfy the interests of foreign citizens who came with the goal of understanding Kazakh culture.


Traditional musical school of Zhetysu

One of the Kazakg traditional musical schools of kui and zhyr came from Zhetysu region. The authors such as Kebekbay, Nogaybay, Kenen, Kapez are representatives of this school.

 Founders of «School of Zhetysu zhyrau art» Kaban, Suinbay, Zhambyl and Umbetali had a vital influence on the formation of poetry and zhyr.

Uniqueness of «School of kui art is its antiquity». All kui compositions are based on the events from the Kazakh history. The composers such as Bayserke, Kozheke, Mergenbay, Erdeneuly, Tilendi Atabaiuly had made big contribution to the school of kui.


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Museum structure

Ruza Kazhenova


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To visitors

Working Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00-19.00
Monday – cleaning day

Price list:

Adults (Foreigners) – 1500 KZT
Adults (Citizen of Republic of Kazakhstan) - 1000 KZT
Students – 300 KZT
School pupils – FREE
Pensioners – 300 KZT
Guided Tour – 2000 KZT (Per group), tour in foreign (english) language – 3000 KZT

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